21 July 2010

Open The Floodgates

My Dear MK

My hubby is sick, so I made him dinner in bed and cuddled him warm while watching Twilight. I also only realised now that he makes little noises every time he has to turn around on his side... ha ha the joys of marriage!

Other than that, I had a "medium" type of day at work today. I was reminded a few times that my contract at the company I am working for as an Online Editor and Graphic Designer expired on Sep the 24th 2010 which leaves me with 2months to look for a new job. It left a nasty taste in my mouth and reminded me to keep my options open! Hm what to do, what to do? I better start looking perhaps....


  1. What?!?! so your job at forlongs runs out in two months?? eeeek!!

    I love your photos!

    You joined the Twilight crew? hehe isn't the first one great?

  2. I am looking for work too (I just graduated) so I understand your pain (well, except that I don't have a portfolio)...
    Lovely photographs.

  3. What??? I thought it was full time sonay nay?! Awhhh puppy!! That's the first that I heard of it!

    *Hugs and kisses and cuddles*



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