20 July 2010

Rocked by Love


OHHHH MY!!!!! I have no idea whether you are a Grey's Anatomy Fan, but the last two episodes have rocked my world up side down and upside again over again and again.

And yes it all comes down to L-O-V-E! Your life can end in an instance, we have no control over when our time will come. What are your thoughts on life after death?



  1. I believe we all go to heaven but not that it's some magical place up in the clouds. I like to think heaven is all around us, nestled in between the bustling lives of the living and we get to chill there with the Creator.

  2. thanks!

    I'm not such a Tv-person and have to admit I never watch series, oops! so can't really follow on the grey's anatomy thing ;)


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