31 July 2010

Tealight Delight


I just came back from date night with my husband, we watched Inception! It blew my mind, and also made it confused..I'll have to give it a 9 for creativity!

Another question I do have on my heart has been the word "Friendship" and what it means to you? I have been thinking of some of my relationships I have I call "Friendships" and had to evaluate some of them.


  1. you have no idea how much i have been forced to examine my friendships and their validity lately. it is such a complicated balance for me right now... because of changes i am going through that many of my "friends" are not.

  2. Friendship... i'm going through that stage of life where all my relationships with people are changing, because of work/love or just changing a person. sucks. It's hard to replace. but makes you realise the important ones in your life

  3. I think the best friends are those who you don't have to talk to for months and then can pick up straight away where you left off!
    They are the ones who think of you and how they can be a good friend to you where you are at, the ones who understand and love you through every moment in life, every emotion you are in ~ they are slow to hold onto offense, quick to forgive, uplift and restore you when you're low because they treasure you as much as you treasure them....

    My sister's are my best friends :) True friendship takes time and effort just like a marriage!

  4. Beautiful photo!

    Friendship means; a gift from God.. and my bestfriend is my sister; http://mytreasuredmoment.blogspot.com/

  5. ooh i totally agree with Emma on this one! All my closest friends are the ones where I never have to worry if I haven't text them this week or if i haven't seen them in awhile because as soon as we do see each other we can just pick up where we've left off. my close friends understand me through whatever season i'm in in my life and we never have to "try" to make the friendship work, it's just a natural, organic, beautiful thing!


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