17 July 2010

Indie Necklace Giveaway

That's right, Polli is doing it's second Giveaway ever . . . and this time to get your hands on this wicked handmade Indie Necklace Handmade in my home country South-Africa!
It's the weekend and I am feeling generous!!

How to Win this Indie Necklace from Polli?

1) Become a Follower

2) Blog about this giveaway

3) Leave a comment

4) Twitter or Facebook about it 

Feel free to leave your blog name on your comment. I am interested in visiting a few new blogs!


  1. Gorgeous necklace giveaway! I'm officially a follower... ♥

  2. this necklace is FABULOUS! count me in!

  3. I wonder if a guy can rock this as well!? I've been a follower. But don't write much ^___^

  4. Hello, I'm a new follower! Thanks for the chance to play.

    I have a relatively new blog "Lavender Playground" please feel free to drop by and say hi!

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  6. OOOO I love this Sone!! Such a pretty necklace.

  7. hello polli
    thank you for visiting - i hope you try that chicken, it sits happpily in the oven while you can do all other stuff...
    and look at that now... you are hosting a beautiful give away. i guess i gotta try my chance, because i love what you made... so, i am signing up following, and i will be back. deffo. your blog looks delicious!
    grtz - nadine

  8. Oooh so cool that you have your second giveaway! :)


  9. Beautiful necklace, it would look at home with my new maxi dress :D

    Have a good summer,

    meg xx


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