29 September 2012



Tusk designer rings is a New Zealand based brand which I discovered while sitting at home on the laptop trying to get rid of my flu bug. I can easily spend my day just finding new shops, creative inspiration and beautiful photography.

Reading...blogs & graphic design portfolios and looking through new blog templates. Got any suggestions?

Drinking... red bush tea, orange juice and I tried making my very own Arabian mint tea which turned out amazing. I try not to use too many sugars as they use 20 sugars for a pot of tea for 4 people.

Listening...  The Xx, Mike's always on the look out for new tunes for us to listen to and discovered this cool band. Weird name I know, I promise it's not some porn related band.

Watching... The X Factor with Britney Spears in it, yes it's true it's rather entertaining, we have also been watching endless amounts of 'Come Dine With Me' episodes which has been rather funny.

Love Polli xx

Confetti Cupcakes

I am sure it's almost every girls fantasy to own her own Cupcakery somewhere in the world, or if not eat one of them at least. While I am trying to get rid of this flu I have been looking at endless graphic design portfolios to get inspiration from and found this awesome Mexican designer who branded a cupcake shop called Confetti. The photography is so amazing I feel like I can taste perfection...yum!

Hope you are all having a blast of a weekend, mine's been pretty low key. My body is just telling me to rest and play zombie which has been very frustrating but it's probably been a good thing to catch up on some much needed rest and relaxing time.

Love Polli xx

25 September 2012

Harper's Bazaar Arabia Fashion Event

Wearing: Zara minty green top / Pull&Bear necklace / Zara Blazer / H&M Hat

This month we have exciting news here at Polli blog. We where invited to a grand fashion event by Harper's Bazaar Arabia here in Doha. It was hosted by the W Hotel in Doha and I got to meet other fashionistas and also got a chance to catch up with a good blogger friend Carla Mallari from Nomad blog.

Polli blog also got featured in this months Harper's Bazaar Arabia on page 47 for those who are interested in having a little looksie.

Thanks Harper's Bazaar for the lovely evening. It was fab!

Love Polli xx

19 September 2012

Later Afternoons

Minty dress: Zara /  Necklace: Pull & Bear / Sunglasses: H&M

Me & Mike enjoyed an afternoon strole at Aspire Park in Doha. It's the greenest place in Doha and it's such a lovely place to clear your mind, have a coffee or go for a walk.

Tomorrow night I will be attending Harper's Bazaar's Fashion Show which I am super excited for. I will be taking a few photos on the night so stay tuned for pictures.

Love Polli xx

15 September 2012

Tea For Two

How cool are these tea coasters? I found this on Etsy. It's been a while since I last even flicked through Etsy which is rather sad. Work life has taken over so it's a bit difficult to make time for the things I do enjoy in life sometimes, and a cup of tea is definitely one them.

It is the weekend and it's great to finally put my feet up, enjoy a cup of tea and jump into the pool.
Happy weekend!

Love Polli xx

09 September 2012

So Chic

Dress: Kling / Barbie Handbag: Kling  / Shoes: Zara

I bought this dress from Kling over in Bordeaux in France along with a cute purple number which I promise to share soon. My favorite outfit at this very moment probably have to be this dress.

My weekend was lovely and lazy. We watched the movie The Artist, watched a bit of rugby and strolled along Aspire Park here in Doha. I also baked a yummy lemon meringue tart which lasted a day in our fridge and enjoyed some cool summer drinks by the pool.

Love Polli

06 September 2012

Oh Paris!

In July 2012 one of my biggest dreams came true. Since I can remember I have always been obsessed with the french culture, Paris & Moulan Rouge. Paris was beautiful, romantic and buzzing.

We strolled along the riviera munching on fresh baguettes & macaroons, walked endlessly to discover all the nooks in Paris and finally sat down to enjoy of the view of the Eiffel tower in all it's sparkling glory on a late afternoon.

It was a highlight to have finally tick Paris of from my bucket list.

Well happy Thursday everybody! The weekend has started here in the Middle East and I am looking forward to a relaxed weekend and much needed rest.

 Love Polli xx

04 September 2012


Photographer - Joanna Kustra 
Fashion stylist - Sharpay Tang 
Makeup artist - Kate O'Reilly 
Hair stylist - Kazuto Shimomura
Model - Liza Serepova @ Premier Model Managament 

I have always been a lover of pastels. You name it, minty green, peachy keen, burned orange and soft pinks have always had a large contribute to my wardrobe. They just ooz femininity.

Love Polli xx

01 September 2012

Sabine DUCASSE Collection

Designer: Sabine DUCASSE
Photographer: Matthias HOSSANN
Model: Ding Rouyin

It's amazing what you can find on Facebook huh! One link leads to another and if you keep your eye out for something different, you are bound to find it. 

I Really loved seeing this Collection by Sabine for the summer couture collection. Loved the colours and how unique the design is. 

Love Polli xx