29 September 2012



Tusk designer rings is a New Zealand based brand which I discovered while sitting at home on the laptop trying to get rid of my flu bug. I can easily spend my day just finding new shops, creative inspiration and beautiful photography.

Reading...blogs & graphic design portfolios and looking through new blog templates. Got any suggestions?

Drinking... red bush tea, orange juice and I tried making my very own Arabian mint tea which turned out amazing. I try not to use too many sugars as they use 20 sugars for a pot of tea for 4 people.

Listening...  The Xx, Mike's always on the look out for new tunes for us to listen to and discovered this cool band. Weird name I know, I promise it's not some porn related band.

Watching... The X Factor with Britney Spears in it, yes it's true it's rather entertaining, we have also been watching endless amounts of 'Come Dine With Me' episodes which has been rather funny.

Love Polli xx

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