30 July 2012

Little Ink.

Hello again beautifuls! Back again here today on Polli, I thought I would take the time to share with you all one very lovely little online shop from the homeland.

If you like stationary, twine, pretty packages and entertaining, then look no further than Little Ink. This New Zealand based online shop has a huge variety of supplies to decorate and put some love into your packages, hosting parties and events, or if you just generally love crafts!

Absolutely in love :)

See Me Everywhere

28 July 2012

Kele Clothing

This Hungarian brand called Kele Clothing recently caught my eye while I have been on holiday in Italy and France.

I have noticed that the mustard yellow and bright blue trend is hitting the streets of Europe. In Italy had their own individual style and in France it was a mixture of street style mixed in with vintage clothing.

For those who are following me on Instagram (polliblog.com),  you would have noticed that we are still in France and are heading to Spain soon which should be great.

23 July 2012

Top Four Places To See In Paris

After our week in Italy we decided to hop over to France on a 10 hour train ride to swing into Paris for a couple of weeks. In no particular order I have to recommend these top four places to visit in Paris even if you are there for a day or perhaps even a week:

1. Eiffel Tower
2.Moulin Rouge
3. Le Louvre Museum
4. The Versailles

We spend a total of 4 nights in Paris which wasn't nearly enough.However my personal highligh had to be the Eiffel tower and seeing the Versailles.

 Love Polli xx

13 July 2012

Traveling the World.

Why hello there lovelies! This is Ilana from See Me Everywhere, filling in while Sone is off exploring the world and having a grand ol' time.

I thought today I would share some snapshots from Sone's travels, as they are so breathtaking and it really makes me want to pack my bags today and hit the road to go travel Europe! So far they've explored the beautiful city of Rome and as you can see, you cannot go to Italy without enjoying some real Italian pizza! Next off to Tuscany! Jealous!

Make sure you check out her travel updates on instagram :)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

See Me Everywhere

09 July 2012

Hello Traveling - Goodbye Desert


The time has come for me to say goodbye to desert living and hello to a European dream summer.
Ilana will be our guest blogger for a while until I return. This has been a 3 year dream of traveling to Italy, France & Spain and it a surreal feeling that the time has arrived for us to dock on our journey.

For direct updates of where I will be in Italy, France & Spain I am still available on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram (Polliblog).

Love Polli xx

06 July 2012

A New Page

I have a fantastic and very exciting 'Birthweek' as it's still carrying on believe it or not. I got given tickets from a fab friend to go see Circus Soleil here in Doha tomorrow night which I have mentioned before and on Saturday me & Mike will be going to the Philharmonic Orchestra.

1. My workmates bought a ton of cupcakes to celebrate my Birthday
2. I have helped styled our DIY photoshoot for our summer issue which I am so excited to
    see published! I will be blogging about this one (keep an eye out for it)
3. Relieved to see the July/August Magazine published!
4. For my Birthday this year me and some friends came together for brunch at The Marriott which was a huge treat.
5. Last but not least we are leaving for a big adventure to Italy, France & Spain for a week and
See Me Everywhere will be Guest Blogging, so expect to see some lovely post from her.

EXCLUSIVE OFFER TO POLLI READERS: Get discount on any products by Pom by using this code Polli20 to purchase anything up until the 31st of this month! Get in quick.

Love Polli xx

02 July 2012


Credit: Sarah.Eileen

Like some of you might know living an expat life overseas away from "The Real World" has it's challenges, and allot of decisions attached to it of course. Sometimes you feel like your drowning, and other days your on top of the world.

But tomorrow is going to a great day because I will be turning a year older. I had an early Birthday Celebration this year and enjoyed an afternoon with some friends having brunch at The Marriott here in Doha which was super nice!

Plans for my 25th Birthday:
1. Finish work early
2. Spending the day with friends
3. Visit The Souq
4. Take our Neighbors to the Airport and wish them well on their journey back to New Zealand
5. Skype with friends & family

PS: We also just got given tickets to see Circus Soleil from some amazing friends which is so special!

Love Polli xx