06 July 2012

A New Page

I have a fantastic and very exciting 'Birthweek' as it's still carrying on believe it or not. I got given tickets from a fab friend to go see Circus Soleil here in Doha tomorrow night which I have mentioned before and on Saturday me & Mike will be going to the Philharmonic Orchestra.

1. My workmates bought a ton of cupcakes to celebrate my Birthday
2. I have helped styled our DIY photoshoot for our summer issue which I am so excited to
    see published! I will be blogging about this one (keep an eye out for it)
3. Relieved to see the July/August Magazine published!
4. For my Birthday this year me and some friends came together for brunch at The Marriott which was a huge treat.
5. Last but not least we are leaving for a big adventure to Italy, France & Spain for a week and
See Me Everywhere will be Guest Blogging, so expect to see some lovely post from her.

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Love Polli xx

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  1. Wow, all I can say it that your are lucky and I am green with envy! Awesome and have fun and happy birthday!


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