02 July 2012


Credit: Sarah.Eileen

Like some of you might know living an expat life overseas away from "The Real World" has it's challenges, and allot of decisions attached to it of course. Sometimes you feel like your drowning, and other days your on top of the world.

But tomorrow is going to a great day because I will be turning a year older. I had an early Birthday Celebration this year and enjoyed an afternoon with some friends having brunch at The Marriott here in Doha which was super nice!

Plans for my 25th Birthday:
1. Finish work early
2. Spending the day with friends
3. Visit The Souq
4. Take our Neighbors to the Airport and wish them well on their journey back to New Zealand
5. Skype with friends & family

PS: We also just got given tickets to see Circus Soleil from some amazing friends which is so special!

Love Polli xx


  1. Love the shoes! Whats that drink in the last picture? Happy Birthday tomorrow :)

  2. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you've got a sweet day planned :)
    And thanks for sharing these photos - they're beautiful!

  3. Happy birthday! Hope you received loads of pressies. X


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