29 September 2013

28 Hours

I snapped some pictures on Instagram of the last 28 hours which came out rather bazaar. It seemed to be a mixtures of pineapples, pugs, rich chai late's, cherry blossoms and walking. Since Mike told me about the puppy I have been on google pretty much everyday looking at pug photo's. The end of October seems so far away to wait for this little present! Grr..

As you might have noticed on Instagram and Twitter (@polliblog) is that I sneaked in a surprize visit to Melbourne to visit Ilana & some family who I haven't seen in nine years, wowza! Times sure does fly!

26 September 2013


Photo's where taken in Christchurch, New Zealand

Eating -  pasta, pasta and lots of it, the creamier the better. Hmm oh how much I crave spaghetti carbonara
Drinking - vanilla chai tea
Deciding - on a house & where to live
Reading - pregnancy questions and answers
Exercising - biking and walking with Mike 
Wearing - my new maxi dress
Traveling - making time to see friends & family
Wanting - to continue saving for a home and our new little baby that's on the way

Listening - astrid gilberto

24 September 2013

Name Our Puppy | Competition

Hey guys, Mike surprised me by buying me a black pug which we will be getting in October 
(and it's a girl by the way). Yay! I love pugs!

I'm having enough trouble deciding on baby names so I wanted to see whether you guys could come up with some cool names for our new little pug puppy. We will announce the puppies name on Facebook once we have decided on one. Go wild and good luck!

23 September 2013

Sunshine Bliss

I am so excited to share this post because I have been juicing up storm in the kitchen. It's so nice being able to wake up, turn the juicer on and know that what I am putting into my body is completely natural. With summer just around the corner, juicing is definitely something to look forward to.


The Old Schooler Recipe
• 1 banana
• 1 cup plain yogurt
• 2 tablespoons honey
• 1/2 cup blueberries
• 1/2 cup raspberries
• 1/2 mango (peeled and cubed)
• 6 strawberries
note: you can freeze any of the fruit, especially the banana for more of an icy shake!


The Kale Colada Recipe
• 1 packed cup of chopped kale (be sure to remove the spine)
• 3/4 cup pineapple juice
• 1 1/2 cup coconut milk
• 1 pear (peeled and cubed)
• 1 cup of ice

19 September 2013

Guest Blogger | Rose Tinted Illustrations

Hi everyone! My name is Maree of Rose Tinted Illustration and Design. Lovely to meet you!

I’ve loved drawing my whole life and it has always been second nature to me. I’m from a very creative family who have always been very encouraging of my art.

I finished my Bachelor of Visual Arts with the University of Auckland last year, majoring primarily in illustration. My final project comprised of making my own online magazine called Rose which involved many of the skills I acquired over my degree. I learnt so much at art school not only about creative skills but also about myself and my personal artistic style. It was at Art School where I discovered a love for graphic design and photography. I used to try and avoid any work to do with the computer because I felt it was too cold and distant. Boy was I wrong! I now find it to be vibrant and full of endless possibilities.

My subject matter is centred around fashion, flowers and femininity and often includes the colour pink. I’m a girly girl at heart and a sucker for all things pretty. I LOVE clothes and I always thought I might be a fashion designer (if only I didn’t hate sewing so much). Fashion still plays a central part into my work but it’s not about what’s on trend, it’s about what I love in terms of style. I will probably love pastels & floral prints forever!

I’m fascinated by portraiture because I like the challenge of capturing emotion. The best part is drawing the eyes, (windows to the soul and all that jazz). But the eyes really do make a portrait as they connect with the viewer. My preferred medium is coloured pencils for their precision and fine blending, but I also dabble with acrylic, gouache, collage and watercolour.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I’ll be posting tutorials on here to do with drawing, photography, design and craft.

16 September 2013

Spring Recommendations

Just a quick hi to you all. I just wanted to share a few links I have been finding useful over the last month. I woke up this morning to insane hay-fever which sucks! So I might spend a few more minutes in bed this morning before going for my Monday morning bike ride. 

Blogs I'm reading at the moment:

Bluebird Vintage
Tabitha Emma
Miss Moss
Eat Drink Chic
Daydream Lilly

Where to buy your books from:
Book Depository (free shipping to worldwide)

Free Calligraphy Fonts from:
Mixed Method

Radio Station To Stream:
George FM

Online Shopping Link:

12 September 2013

Spring Clean | Inside Our Bedroom

You havn't really heard much from me lately due to being overwhelmingly tired. I guess these are the joys of being pregnant. 

Joules gave me and Mike this cool horse print duvet cover which we absolutely adore. Thanks Joules, it's nice to have a bit of colour in the room, especially with spring here!

08 September 2013

Travelling To France

Travelling to France was one of those very memorable experiences I would never trade for anything in the world. In fact the entire trip in August last year was something I would want everyone in the world to experience at least once. 

I realised I have hardly shared any photo's on my blog of our trip over to Europe since last year so I thought I would start sharing more over the next few months. We travelled through Italy, France and Italy was our last stop before heading back to Qatar.

If your interested in travelling and reading up on some interesting things to do and see, I recommend reading this blog.

*please note these photo's have been taken by me, so please credit me if you like to use them.

03 September 2013


I enjoy reading Eat Drink Chic and recently she posted this Geometric Delights post, which I loved. Geometric shapes are everywhere at the moment.

You can also buy these geometric shaped coasters from here by Rissa Sandman.