19 September 2013

Guest Blogger | Rose Tinted Illustrations

Hi everyone! My name is Maree of Rose Tinted Illustration and Design. Lovely to meet you!

I’ve loved drawing my whole life and it has always been second nature to me. I’m from a very creative family who have always been very encouraging of my art.

I finished my Bachelor of Visual Arts with the University of Auckland last year, majoring primarily in illustration. My final project comprised of making my own online magazine called Rose which involved many of the skills I acquired over my degree. I learnt so much at art school not only about creative skills but also about myself and my personal artistic style. It was at Art School where I discovered a love for graphic design and photography. I used to try and avoid any work to do with the computer because I felt it was too cold and distant. Boy was I wrong! I now find it to be vibrant and full of endless possibilities.

My subject matter is centred around fashion, flowers and femininity and often includes the colour pink. I’m a girly girl at heart and a sucker for all things pretty. I LOVE clothes and I always thought I might be a fashion designer (if only I didn’t hate sewing so much). Fashion still plays a central part into my work but it’s not about what’s on trend, it’s about what I love in terms of style. I will probably love pastels & floral prints forever!

I’m fascinated by portraiture because I like the challenge of capturing emotion. The best part is drawing the eyes, (windows to the soul and all that jazz). But the eyes really do make a portrait as they connect with the viewer. My preferred medium is coloured pencils for their precision and fine blending, but I also dabble with acrylic, gouache, collage and watercolour.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I’ll be posting tutorials on here to do with drawing, photography, design and craft.

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