31 August 2010

The Wild Unknown

The Wild Unknown is an independent and family-run business specializing in handmade objects. The distinctive illustrative style of the prints and calendars is the work of Kim Krans, a multi-faceted visual artist, musician, and connoisseur of all hand drawn things.

I am in love with the prisms I think they are treasures, wow! Imagine getting that as a wedding gift or even an anniversary gift! The shop is full of beautiful art!

30 August 2010

Neon Photoshoot

Great design from Leninbak, definitely a must to go check out their blog here. 
Expect to see a great taste for photography, design and web art! These particular photo's are based on a ad campaign for Neon that Leninbak did. 

For a bit of a peak of their clothing range go check out Neon clothing

29 August 2010

Oh Deer


What an eventfull weekend it was!  I....

- went to a précha where we watched a movie called "hollie" it was amazing!
- caught up with friends for a movie and pizza night (watched men in black) haha... 
- got my undercut shaved a number 1
- went to a arts, crafts & food festival with my friends and enjoyed lunch after church
- made silly jokes with my husband on a lazy Sunday afternoon
- did chores around the house (grrrr)
- saw mum & dad
- cuddled my cat
- gazed at some beautiful jewelery from Annie Blackberry from précha
- took some photo's of my hubby surfing
- made some drawings on doilies
- bought a pretty little dress
- made some cool new friends at Jet called Jo Sweeney, and Beth a print-maker from    
- ate some lovely chocolate from Whittakers

28 August 2010

It's one beautiful morning! I got coffee in bed as well so it made my day extra special! Joy to the little things in life.


26 August 2010

Come into my resting space

This week so far has been blurred, but somehow I still have time to gaze at beautiful photography.

25 August 2010

My design work

I really wanted to share this with all of you. It's some design work I have been working on at my work for Fathers day coming up~ I thought I'd make it a bit fun.

I just made a fresh batch of brownies hmm I can smell it in every room.. 

24 August 2010

Eating out of vintage plates

I remember as a child, camping in an old camper-van, eating out of vintage plates and old fishing rods! These photo's reminded me of those cool days!

Today I was super tired and I:
-Slurred my words
-Made a cup of coffee with just milk, then try to reheat it in the microwave, and find out  
 that all the coffee is super burned and that the rest of it boiled over the cup which all =  
- Got cranky
- Ate lots of lollies
- Fell asleep 
- Giggled at things by myself
- Daydreamed 

23 August 2010

Paper Cranes and Sunny Days

Things I did today:

- went to work
-took photo's of products and load them onto a website
- ate a chocolate muffin with caramel inside
-went for a run
-cooking dinner
-designed a vintage looking newsletter
-watched a u tube clip
-listened to radio
-kissed my husband
-design an advert / headers
-watched "the price of beauty"
-cleaned my little house
-had a good old chat with my work mates

22 August 2010

Teacups & Cupcakes

I just finished baking a batch of chocolate caramel muffins. Unfortunately I put in a bit too much caramel and it all starts bubbling from the sides lol!

21 August 2010

Flowers in my hair

Today I have been chilling out at home, working on my blog and designing a newsletter.
I am still in my pj's and it's 2:30pm! Lol.... I have been a little domestic housewife today (sort of). If that included sitting in front of the computer from 8am-12pm than YES.

I am on my way meeting my mum for a cup of tea and a bit of gossip and some fresh air...

What do you think of the new look for my blog?

20 August 2010

Frills, swirls & birds

Credit to Sophian from Argentina, who is an amazing designer!  
Joy! It's the weekend and I can put my feet up and perhaps bake some cookies, sleep in and just muck around the house. And that's exactly why my weekend is going to be great! 

Credit to Sophian from Argentina, who is an amazing designer! 

What will make your weekend great?

19 August 2010

Once upon an owl

top image found by norra gustafsson

This week is flying, I'f hardly had time to blog! Even when it's 12pm at night and I haven't found something inspiring for the day to post about I jump up and run to the nearest computer and search my little heart out. I tell you, blogging is hard work lol.

18 August 2010


I wish somebody could do my hair like this! Lucky for you guys I found a Utube video on how to do this on Sally Jane Vintage Blog! 

Yah for Thursday already, I feel like this week is dragging on a bit! Bring on the weekend already! 

17 August 2010

Me & My Little Office

So here is where I create all my Polli post, this is where all the magic happens between me and screen lol. I am creating a dream board at the moment of pretty things that I love. I try pinning things that inspire me on it. I took a few pictures of it to share with all of you.

Have a super day!

Love Polli

16 August 2010

Take me on a journey

I got free tickets to a piano concert 2morow night from a fellow work mate which I am stoked about! Me and my hubby can enjoy a nice date night which I am excited about.

I also just finished designing a big banner for a music festival called Shiverdown which will go across the main road of town in Hamilton. I am super excited for it.