29 August 2010

Oh Deer


What an eventfull weekend it was!  I....

- went to a précha where we watched a movie called "hollie" it was amazing!
- caught up with friends for a movie and pizza night (watched men in black) haha... 
- got my undercut shaved a number 1
- went to a arts, crafts & food festival with my friends and enjoyed lunch after church
- made silly jokes with my husband on a lazy Sunday afternoon
- did chores around the house (grrrr)
- saw mum & dad
- cuddled my cat
- gazed at some beautiful jewelery from Annie Blackberry from précha
- took some photo's of my hubby surfing
- made some drawings on doilies
- bought a pretty little dress
- made some cool new friends at Jet called Jo Sweeney, and Beth a print-maker from    
- ate some lovely chocolate from Whittakers


  1. Sounds like a great weekend...and Oh Deer indeed, I love the last photo. Never knew antlers would make a lovely jewelry holder. Looks really unique! :)

  2. yours sounds like *such* a lovely weekend! I'm having lazy, "first weekend of vacation" weekend, puttering around in the apartment...maybe today I'll actually get dressed and GO somewhere - such a concept!

  3. makes me smile again :)


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