24 August 2010

Eating out of vintage plates

I remember as a child, camping in an old camper-van, eating out of vintage plates and old fishing rods! These photo's reminded me of those cool days!

Today I was super tired and I:
-Slurred my words
-Made a cup of coffee with just milk, then try to reheat it in the microwave, and find out  
 that all the coffee is super burned and that the rest of it boiled over the cup which all =  
- Got cranky
- Ate lots of lollies
- Fell asleep 
- Giggled at things by myself
- Daydreamed 


  1. haha you're so sweet - I often do the same but with tea, damn microwaves! I love these photos, they just suck you in - so soft and dreamy! x

  2. ah, lovely photos. i've been dreaming about a cross-country drive, picking up my sister and cousins along the way. it would be so fun to travel in something like THAT!

  3. Laughing at little inside jokes that only you understand are the best!

  4. These pictures are so pretty. The coffee thing...yeah, been there. More than once. hehe


  5. This post makes me smile! I loved camping and using all vintage "cabin" kitchen and housewares.


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