27 May 2012

Zara Store Opening

Blouse & Long Skirt: Zar
 Necklace: Splash 
Rose gold rings: Calvin Klein
Nailpolish: Cloud by Revlon

Photographer: Mike Moriarty
Paintings & Illustrations: Done by me (Soné Moriarty)

Zara recently opened a new store in Landmark Mall here Qatar. It's stunning if you haven't checked it out yet. We now have two Zara stores in Qatar. 

I also wanted to share some favorite pieces from my wardrobe from Zara which includes a Peter Pan Collared blouse and a long peach skirt which is my absolute favorite!

Zara Store Opening in Landmark Mall Qatar

23 May 2012

Band of Outsiders

By recent discovery some gorgeous photos of Michelle Williams getting cute for
Band of Outsiders. Could they have picked a better celebrity? She is one of my inspirations for cutting my hair into a pixie I have to admit.

These cute instax/polaroid pictures just reminds me of my recent trip to Greece, which reminds me that I am still yet to share those with you! Next up we me and my hubby and my sister-in-law are planning our next trip to France, Italy & Spain. So if your around the area give me a shout out, I love meeting other bloggers around the world.

Love Polli xx

21 May 2012

A blurry haze

It's production week and I am designing my little fingers of around this time every month. However I had some fun events and meetings to attend.

We had my husband's Birthday Celebration which was great, he turned 32 this year and it was rather weird celebrating it in a foreign country, I had to admit it was a bit of a sad Birthday. Atleast he got his favorite cake for his Birthday which is carrot cake!

We also head out to the beach last weekend, I took some photo's, got very sunburned and enjoyed the Doha heat! Because baby you got to make the most while you are in 45 degree heat!

We got to book our tickets to Europe which is huge! We are planning on visiting Italy, France & Spain in a month. We will be leaving in July up until early August. We are head hunting backpacks and saving pennies. It's going to be a fun adventure which I can't wait for.

I also found this great song on uTube at the moment which I have kept on repeat for the last hour or so..check it out.

Love Polli xx

14 May 2012

Milk & Honey Blogger Collaboration

The road is home blog collaborated with Milk & Honey on their lookbook which is something I would like to strive for one day. I think it's great when companies collaborate with bloggers. Check out The road is home blog for behind the scene snaps.

On another note I want to wish my amazing husband Mike a Happy Birthday!! Give him a shout out on twitter ( @mr_pukeho ).

Love Polli xx

09 May 2012

All Knitwear

Now for a bit of fun I found a shop called All Knitwear. This collection encourages mixing and matching,from cactus to confetti. Made from ringspun cotton on a Brother Electroknit 965i knitting machine. When I see this collection I see FUN! I loved scrolling through the different styles and the blog of course.

 Love Polli xx

07 May 2012

Aprés Ski

Après Ski is the line of accessories of Lucia Vergara, a designer based in Barcelona that after working for Lydia Delgado and Ailanto, and without forgetting her collaborations with both companies, launched her own collection in 2009.

Love Polli xx

02 May 2012

Polkadots & Poppy's

 (Dress: Mr Price, Hat: H&M, Necklace: Splash, Sunglasses: Splash

Visiting Athens was my highlight of the year, seeing the Acropolis and all the ancient Greek ruined blew my mind. This part of our trip was taken in Athens, Monastariki.

We strolled through the poppy fields, ate delicious food and drank ridiculously good wine. It was tourist central and the locals where so lovely and helpful. It's a city of culture and history filled with cute bakeries, shops, fresh fruit markets & breathtaking landscapes.

 Love Polli xx