28 June 2013

A Snap Back At Wellington

You know how you always have a bundle of photos to share from a trip, and it's always so ridiculously hard to choose the photos you would like to share on a blogpost, well I decided to share another few favourite pictures of our trip in Wellington as it was such a great trip! 

I will definitely love to try and swing by again soon Wellington! See you soon...

26 June 2013

By The Sea

Photography: Mike Moriarty

My hubby Mike loves the beach and so he spends most of his Saturdays surfing some waves. I flicked through a few of them and found some beautiful snaps of his day out surfing about a few weeks ago. We are so lucky to be living so close to the sea I must admit. I don't make enough time to go though! 

My birthday is also coming up on the July the 2nd. I will be turning 26 which feels totally surreal. It's funny to think this time last year I was celebrating my 25th in the middle of the desert! Phew, that actually feels like a while ago. I basically have 4 year's left until I am 30, yikes! Time to make a list of goals I would like to achieve perhaps. 

24 June 2013

Rat A Tat Cat

A quick apology, I have been as sick as a dog. In my sickness I realised I haven't shared Rat a Tat Cat with you. I have been a fan of Rat a Tat Cat for quite some time. The lovely Chelsea McConnell started up selling cat collars and cute little bow-ties made for cats. Come on, how original is this right? 

19 June 2013

Yellow Polkadots

Monday's usually are my 'free days' to do whatever I want to do. So I decided to indulge myself in some more baking. This time I tried out this random little recipe I found online for cinnamon & apple muffins which worked out a treat! 

I have been burning to use these polkdadot cupcake holders and cupcake packaging box! I was just over making cupcakes and wanted to make something that would be more of a snack rather than a treat.

17 June 2013


I have been scrolling relentlessly through Whocolate a New Zealand based gift shop for all quirky and creative goodness and found a few favourites! What do you think?

14 June 2013

Cat Print

I am very excited to announce that I received my cat print with rabbits ears from Wholeport in the post this week! This has definitely been one of the many highlights to my week so far. I also tried and tested my first batch of cake pops which was a bit of trail and error but it definitely turned out a real treat in the end. All in all this weeks been full of surprises and has definitely put a smile on my face! 

13 June 2013

Cake Pops

At last, I finally tried my hand at making cake pops with the help of getting all my baking supplies from Wholeport. Getting the cake pop moulds made it so much easier than trying to do everything by hand. The packet came with the sticks which was a great help. I'm also particularly in love with my lovely heart shaped doilies. 

cake pop tray & sticks packet, pink measurement cups and small measurement spoons, heart doilies are all courtesy from Wholeport.

PS: For the cake pop mixture just buy a cake mix and follow the instructions from here. Any type of plain cake mixture will do for example chocolate cake, sponge or lemon cake. Good luck and enjoy!

    11 June 2013

    Inside My Make Up Bag With Bourjois

    I am so wrapped with my new make up from Bourjois. I never thought I would ever wear purple mascara, but I am happily to admit I wear it to work everyday. Same goes for the new yummy glossy lipstick and the super pumped red 3D effect lip gloss. My make up bag is definitely more complete with these new goodies inside of them!

    09 June 2013

    Golden Rings | Outfit

    Sunglasses - RayBan | Necklace - Forever21 |
    Golden rings knit, black skirt, stockings & shoes - Cotton On

    It's my day off tomorrow! At last, one day out of the week where I can invest in some time in the things I love. Tomorrow I will be trying my luck at making some cake pops, I am also hoping to get a hair cut due to the fact that my hair is driving me nuts. I just can't decide whether I want to grow or cut it again...arghh! Choices, choices haha! 

    Have a great day guys! Any suggestions on a new haircut flick it to me sonevz@gmail.com.


    07 June 2013


    A quick little good morning! I have been working my fingers to the bone this week, working over 10 hour days. This got me thinking, over how lucky some cats got it. Especially Samie our cat. How lucky are some cats right, pffft! That does make me think of our cat Frankie we had to leave with friends back in Doha sadly. I don't think I could ever forget that cat. 

    On a light note, have a great Friday!

    05 June 2013

    Happy 150th Birthday, Bourjois!

    Bourjois turned a happy healthy 150 years! Wow! And to celebrate, I tried out their 3D nail toppings and loved it. It's a great way to add a little bit of spunk to your nails. It definitely stands out and made me look twice. 

     I enjoyed watching the little video because it was so creatively done and showcased all the era's they have been around for! 

    03 June 2013

    Factorie | Outfit

    Factorie Green Knit | Black Skirt H&M | Cotton On Studded Shoes | 
    Vintage Orange Peter Pan Blouse 

    We enjoyed a lovely lazy day off sleeping in late and enjoying some free time to ourselves. Winter is here sadly and it's time to get into your knits, winter slippers and start sculling those hot chocolates in front of the heater. 

    02 June 2013

    Free Photoshop Action

    Before                                                                After

    Before                                                                After

    A very good morning to you from the comfort of my bed. I have been on the hunt for some cool free Photoshop actions this morning and found one called Light Leaks from Digital Film Actions. 

    Enjoy this freebie !