26 June 2013

By The Sea

Photography: Mike Moriarty

My hubby Mike loves the beach and so he spends most of his Saturdays surfing some waves. I flicked through a few of them and found some beautiful snaps of his day out surfing about a few weeks ago. We are so lucky to be living so close to the sea I must admit. I don't make enough time to go though! 

My birthday is also coming up on the July the 2nd. I will be turning 26 which feels totally surreal. It's funny to think this time last year I was celebrating my 25th in the middle of the desert! Phew, that actually feels like a while ago. I basically have 4 year's left until I am 30, yikes! Time to make a list of goals I would like to achieve perhaps. 

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  1. I am so excited ab out your birthday!!! I will def come see you!!!


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