19 October 2014

Polli Prints

Just wanted to share some new prints I have added to our print collection on Facebook with you. I also still design personalised baby detail prints. All prints are $30.00 unless stated otherwise. To see more of our collection and to purchase prints click here.

PS: We have also now changed our Facebook page to Polli Prints to those who haven't noticed. I am slowly but surely focusing more on my own graphic design, photography and print services on the blog and on our Facebook page.

For any more details you can contact me here

13 October 2014

Summer Jumpsuits

Casual Style Scoop Neck Stripes Print              Sweet Style Turn-Down Collar Heart Print  

Chiffon Sleeveless Women's Jumpsuits            Short Sleeve Women's Jumpsuits

$17.76                                                                $27.89

Strapless V-Neck Solid Color Backless Casual Women's Jumpsuit


Finally it feels like summer, and it means that it's wedding, lace and jumpsuit season. Rosegal also decided to give you lovely ladies 8% off your purchase when using this code: May123m

Happy shopping! And by the way they also offer free shipping worldwide so go all out!

05 October 2014

Baby Birth Print Details

A friend requested baby birth detail prints and so I slowly started designing these prints for new little babies and toddlers rooms. They have really taken of and are super popular, they make beautiful gifts for birthdays, baby arrivals & christmas gifts. If you would like a print designed up email me on sonevz@gmail.com for more information and get a custom design made up.