29 September 2011

Brights & Passion Juice

Shopping List
  • Granadillas
  • Orange Juice
  • Passion Power Liqui Fruit Juice
  • Mint
1. Mix together the pulp of 5 granadillas, half a litre of orange juice and half a litre of Passion Power Liqui Fruit Juice.

2. Add mint and serve in a long glass with plenty of ice and a straw.

Thanks to Sam from the  ElephantShoe - Journal  for sharing this great recipe and downloads. She is an art directors, stationary designer & dessert table stylist.

As you can see this season is just oozing with warm colours, exciting floral patterns and polkadots. Bright colors tends to make me feel healthy and happy. Happpy juice making everybody!

Love Polli xx

28 September 2011

Wildfox Couture 2011 Fall Winter Collection

Sorry for my absence for yesterday, I had to be out and catch a taxi 6:30 in the morning which ment I had nooo time to follow my usual routine in the morning. So my lovely bloggers I had a good researching session to make up for yesterday. I have also been told by the french visual merchandiser at Zara in Paris that Paris Fashion week is on this week. So feel free to share some french fashion love.

It was only fair that I share Wildfox Couture with you today because Wildfox is one of my favorite brands. Looks like bright oranges, mustard yellow and polkadots are something to look out for this season.

Love Polli xx

26 September 2011

Ulyana Sergeenko

Wow the debut collection by Ulyana Sergeenko is insane! It's like vintage and red riding hood collided.
I had a look through the latest lookbook and I had a jaw drop moment. The shoes......the dresses = WOW! Next on my shopping list would be red heels.

Love Polli xx

25 September 2011

Never ending summer

 Dress: Vintage
Satchel: Vintage
Necklace: Diva

In Doha, Qatar it's a never ending summer in this heat. You can be living in your summers clothes all day everyday. Which means you can be eating ice cream and going to the beach everyday!

Love Polli

24 September 2011

Tea party

Anna Collins, the pastor of our church back in New Zealand recently had a tea party for her daughter Libby's Birthday. I was so impressed by her creativity I couldn't resist but to post about it. She handmade a teapot cake ! You have to be pretty brilliant to be able to that. I would love to give it a go sometime. Thanks Anna for inspiring me. It looks like it was a feast!

Love Polli xx

22 September 2011

Hello Horses

Me & my husband strolled through the streets of Qatar and stumbled upon the most beautiful white horses. We both got to go into the stables and discovered that each horse has a fan inside of it's stable because of the extreme heat! We where so impressed.

I know I briefly shared this experience with you all previously but today I was thinking of how much I would love to go horse riding and think it might pay to go ask. 


Love Polli xx

21 September 2011

The Black Apple

Who wouldn't want a necklace from The Black Apple's Ety store? I love all the typography posters, necklaces and cards she has in her store. I have been spending a good amount on Etsy lately, trying to find presents, and The Black Apple is one I have bookmarked. I love all her handmade Illustrations about bears, elephants and flowers.

Visit her blog at www.theblackapple.typepad.com. 

Love Polli xx

20 September 2011


I have been checking out a few online shops and found Emmadime, a really cute and affordable online shop that sells knitted items. Oh and I LOVE the response the cupcake post got - wow! You guys are crazy about cupcakes! Which gives me an idea for my next post. I love knowing what my readers love, it didn't know you guys loved cupcakes that much!

Love Polli xx

19 September 2011

33 Cupcakes

Coming to Qatar, I did not even think of packing in my recipe books. Which is such a bummer. However I can remember some of them of by heart but the rest I will have to google. Luckly I found a blog called Ming Makes Cupcakes. Hooooooray for Ming and her cupcake trilogy!

My personal favorite would have to be Cupcake number 4. So step number two would have to be to get the handyman to fix my oven for me to get cranking! Wish me luck.

Love Polli xx

18 September 2011

An Arabian Night | Travel


Yellow top: Valley Girl
White top: Splash
Stripey pants: Splash
Satchel: Vintage
Necklace: That Vintage

Me & my hubby Mike enjoyed an evening stroll last night through the city of Doha, Qatar. We where lucky enough to spot a worker who let us into the Camel farm as well as the stables. Me & Mike both got to touch the camels & walk through the farm, it really was an amazing experience, we where so lucky because there where nobody else at the camel farm and at the stables which meant we got to touch all the animals. Sorry the pictures aren't that fantastic as it was hard snapping pictures at night time.

We also got some yummy Lebanese food on the way back home which was amazing! Something I will have to take a photo of next time.

Love Polli xx

17 September 2011

Croatia Vintage

Hooray it's the weekend at last and I found a cute Etsy store called Croatia Vintage to inspire you all this morning. I am a big sucker for dresses. I have tons in my wardrobe. You really need them in this heat that's for sure.

Love Polli

15 September 2011

Sharing a morning with Polli

Good Morning bloggers, I woke up about two hours ago. I have been able to sleep in every morning this week which have been great! I thought I would share my morning with you today.

I enjoyed a hot cup of french vanilla tea and a sneaky 2 pieces of chocolate, which is so far my most favorite chocolate I have found here in Qatar. Yes I am a sweet tooth and eating chocolate isn't that great for you first thing in the morning my mother always told me. Although knowing it's bad for you so early makes it a wee little bit more exciting to have.

Thanks for sharing my morning with me!

Love Polli xx

14 September 2011

Hey look foil baking cups

So I found the cutest DIY even styling blog called "Hey Look". I love the creativity behind this.
Who knew you could do this with baking cups right? And it looks amazing.  To check out the full version of the DIY project click here.

I hope this will cheer my day up a bit, I am having a bit of a crap day :(

Love Polli xx

13 September 2011

Simply Stardust

Meet Sara, a 25 year old photographer. Her blog called "Simply Stardust" is simply filled with everyday memories of her life, friends and cats. She has an overwhelming preserve her life with photo's and words. Something I can relate to. She loves the colour orange and she is stunning!

I have just popped her link into my blog roll. You can view her flickr page here as well.
I have spend about 2-3 hours on her page this morning just swooning over her many little adventures and    adorable cats obviously. For those who can't tell, I miss my cats dearly, so excuse my excessive photography about cats lol.

Love Polli xx

12 September 2011

I am Maru

Hahaha.. these pictures of Maru just makes me laugh so much. Maru is a male Scottish fold cat and I found a blog just dedicated to him called "I am Maru". Believe it or not he has his own book published in Japanese! On "I am Maru's blog" you can find YouTube clips, photo's & obviously a book on Maru as well. I love how people have blogs only dedicated to their pets!

I had to post about Maru because I miss my cats so much. We had to leave Marshall & Puss puss behind in New Zealand to take on this adventure to Qatar. Luckily we have regular Skype dates which helps allot, however it's just not the same.

Love Polli xx

11 September 2011

Crowns Clothing

Crowns Clothing’s Spring/Summer Collection 

How gorgeous is Crowns Clothing? It makes me so proud that this is from New Zealand!
Crowns Clothing is a Wellington-based handmade clothing label designed and made by Morgan Ashworth. She shares her darling handcrafted clothing, both ready-to-wear and custom-made, with customers across the world.

I was emailed their Spring/Summer Collection early this week, and had to share it with all of you. I just love the peter pan collars on this girl. Hope all of you are having a great Sunday!

Love Polli xx

Living an expat life in Qatar

Today I was given an a chocolate loaf of Patchi by Mirella ! She really made my day! If you have never heard of Patchi, it's definitely something to get familiar with and try as it's amazing. Being an expat in Qatar has also helped me be open to meeting new people which have been such a great experience already. Making friends really does "make" your adventure what it is. 

Being an expat in Qatar just made me realise how much I need my glasses, I honestly can't go anywhere without them, plus you can't afford to miss all the sight seeing either. I had one night where my contact lens fell out of my eye at a Hotel and we had to go back home because I was lost without my glasses. Having glasses does suck I have to admit, I dream of the day when I can afford laser eye surgery.

Being an expat in Qatar has also opened a few doors for me as a Graphic Designer & Blogger as I have been collaborating and assisting with some projects Abode Magazine have given me, which have been very exciting. I have enjoyed every minute of it. I promise to share a few more details on what I am working on soon.

This blog post is a little bit different to my usual posts, so I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures here in Qatar. Feel free to ask questions as I love hearing from all my readers.

Love Polli xx

08 September 2011

Amy Kaehne

Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

I have been researching some interesting new brands from all across the world and found the lovely Amy Kaehne from Japan.

From the very beginning with her first range “Twisted Trees” through to the present collection, there has always been a focus on natural fabrics and relaxed tailoring. Colours tend to be muted, collections cohesive – each piece works back with the others seamlessly.

ps: If you haven't yet heard, I have an iPhone now, and I have Istagram, so feel free to follow my latest update. Follow Polliblog on Istagram.

Love Polli xx