19 September 2011

33 Cupcakes

Coming to Qatar, I did not even think of packing in my recipe books. Which is such a bummer. However I can remember some of them of by heart but the rest I will have to google. Luckly I found a blog called Ming Makes Cupcakes. Hooooooray for Ming and her cupcake trilogy!

My personal favorite would have to be Cupcake number 4. So step number two would have to be to get the handyman to fix my oven for me to get cranking! Wish me luck.

Love Polli xx


  1. Aww, thanks heaps for sharing this! I can't wait to try all of them - it's like being in a cupcake shop and wishing you could try them all - and then you get the recipe for each cupcake ;)

    Lily xx
    Lonely Afternoon

  2. i swear by these recipes. the pumpkin with cream cheese frosting is the best cupcake i have ever eaten!

  3. Yum! Thanks so much for sharing. We'll have to make some of those very very soon.

  4. Yum yum yum! i will definitely try to make those :)

  5. Lovely post. My favourite so far is number 2 (I got it is lemon and meringue?). I'll have a look to the blog you mentioned, sounds very interesting.- Barbara


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