12 September 2011

I am Maru

Hahaha.. these pictures of Maru just makes me laugh so much. Maru is a male Scottish fold cat and I found a blog just dedicated to him called "I am Maru". Believe it or not he has his own book published in Japanese! On "I am Maru's blog" you can find YouTube clips, photo's & obviously a book on Maru as well. I love how people have blogs only dedicated to their pets!

I had to post about Maru because I miss my cats so much. We had to leave Marshall & Puss puss behind in New Zealand to take on this adventure to Qatar. Luckily we have regular Skype dates which helps allot, however it's just not the same.

Love Polli xx


  1. Guauuu!!
    Cool post ;D JAJAJA... I like this cat
    Kisses from Madrid ♥ ♥

  2. AH! Soo much cuteness in one post! Who knew it was possible! :D
    <3 Sharmaine Ruth


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