29 September 2011

Brights & Passion Juice

Shopping List
  • Granadillas
  • Orange Juice
  • Passion Power Liqui Fruit Juice
  • Mint
1. Mix together the pulp of 5 granadillas, half a litre of orange juice and half a litre of Passion Power Liqui Fruit Juice.

2. Add mint and serve in a long glass with plenty of ice and a straw.

Thanks to Sam from the  ElephantShoe - Journal  for sharing this great recipe and downloads. She is an art directors, stationary designer & dessert table stylist.

As you can see this season is just oozing with warm colours, exciting floral patterns and polkadots. Bright colors tends to make me feel healthy and happy. Happpy juice making everybody!

Love Polli xx

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