15 September 2011

Sharing a morning with Polli

Good Morning bloggers, I woke up about two hours ago. I have been able to sleep in every morning this week which have been great! I thought I would share my morning with you today.

I enjoyed a hot cup of french vanilla tea and a sneaky 2 pieces of chocolate, which is so far my most favorite chocolate I have found here in Qatar. Yes I am a sweet tooth and eating chocolate isn't that great for you first thing in the morning my mother always told me. Although knowing it's bad for you so early makes it a wee little bit more exciting to have.

Thanks for sharing my morning with me!

Love Polli xx


  1. Are these pictures taken in your home?? Cool to see a little snippet of it!

    I'm jealous of your sleep ins, my week has been long and exhausting :S

  2. I also love chocolate :3 it's te best.
    Thanks for sharing your morning
    have a nice day

    Princess corner

  3. oh i love this post! tea is the best in the morning and that chocolate looks great! i like the tea cup, its really cute. have a good day everyone!

  4. What a lovely and inspirational blog you have! I'll be sure to have a look see as oftan as possible :):)

  5. oh my gosh what an adorable and inspiring post! :D

  6. looooovely! mornings are my favorite....and what a perfect morning this is!

  7. love your blog.. and good morning it was!!


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