29 March 2012

Topshop Picks

The other day we passed through Topshop in Villagio in Qatar and as always I spend at least an hour in there. I am usually on their website checking out some of the latest trends, and I have been loving all the pretty dresses which been coming in.

1. Dress
2. Floral corset
3. Marais flats
4. Ponny necklace

You can never have too many pretty dresses right?
 Love Polli xx

27 March 2012

The days that get me through..

The days that get me through are days when...

* I can have perfect strawberries on a bright and sunny day with friends
* Date days with my husband, caramel popcorn & watching 'The Hunger Games'
* I can put on fresh layers of pastel OPI nail polish
* My husband buy me new pretty floral shoes from Aldo in Villagio
* I can plan a trip to Greece and get great guides from Trip Advisor with my hubby
* I receive parcels from my mum with new baking equipment all the way shipped from New Zealand
* You can have a pretty macaron from LadurĂ©e in Villagio Mall which I am still yet to go and try,  
   apparently it's situated in the VIP section in Villagio. I was lucky enough to find the pretty packaging
   around the office lol !

When life get's tough have a macaron !

Love Polli xx

25 March 2012

DIY: Spring Felt Flowers

Credit: Hellolidy

Stoked to have found another awesome DIY project for you all to get your hands on :) I haven't had much time to get creative as life is just getting in the way of my creativity as you might have noticed. But it's always great finding new inspiring blogs to take note of.

I have worked with felt in the past and really enjoyed it, I made jewelry pieces out of it with  lace. I think I will return to it when we head back home to New Zealand eventually. Living an expat life is really different to normal living I have to say.

 Love Polli xx

24 March 2012

A new adventure awaits in Greece

I love fashion, traveling, exploring, going to events, learning new languages, and meeting new people! And on the 5th of April a big dream of mine will be coming true. Me & Mike recently booked our tickets to Athens, Greece and Santorini. I always dreamed of traveling there and it's coming true and the countdown is on.

I know this is a quick little post to keep you all updated on how my traveling are going. I have been working like mad putting together the magazine for the next month. But I haven't forgotten about all of you! So if you have any suggestions on things to do or places to see while we are in Athens & Santorini I would love to hear it!

Love Polli xx

19 March 2012

Life in Doha: March

*  Bought a red H&M cardigan
*  Started to read Breaking Dawn
*  Attended my first Arabic wedding which was a-mazing
*  Progressed on my latest illustration painting
*  Trying to eat healthy

Love Polli xx

15 March 2012

Scout and Catalogue Collection

Scout and Catalogue

About Scout and Catalogue: 
Scout & Catalogue is heavily influenced by the bohemian beach culture of Mexico. They strive to make pieces that  remind you of afternoons at secret beaches, sun kissed skin, and all day siestas. 

I am totally in love with this brand at the moment, especially when it's starting to heat up here in Qatar, Doha. Feel free to shop at their shop here.

Love Polli xx

12 March 2012

Yellow Mellow

Here is a few snaps of my recent Instagram updates. I have been indulging in rich yellow clothing & scarfs. I guess I am getting inspired by the huge Indian population here who always seem to wear bright & rich colours. My favourite food at the moment probably also has to be Indian & Thai food.

Next on my list would have to be to start learning a few words in Spanish & French. If there was only more time in a day.

Love Polli xx

DIY Date Book

While we are on the topic of journals I found this awesome little DIY project for you to try out. Why not making a "Date Journal" ? Click here for the instructions on how to make your very own "Date Journal". I might actually give it a go myself. It's about time to get stuck into making pretty crafty things again :)

 Love Polli xx

07 March 2012

Arminho Journals

Arminho on Etsy is a cute online store from Portugal.They love making  paper goods and another crafts work. "They are a sweet couple who lives in a peaceful city near the atlantic ocean". Their blog is filled with handmade journals & cute mustache accessories for the house. 

Perhaps in the near future I will attempt to make my own little pretty journal. I don't think you can ever hand too many journals (especially pretty ones), even if it's just to scribble in.

Wish me luck, I am flying to Dubai at 1am in the morning - eek! I will need to catch up on some needed sleep for sure!

Love Polli xx

04 March 2012

Element Eden - Winter 2012 Collection

The Element Eden Winter 2012 collection is here. To view the lookbook check it out below:

Open publication - Free publishing - More 2012

If you get a chance to find us as "Polli blog" on Istagram you can check out my latest updates such as my most recent art project/what's inside my house/meet my cat Frankie and get to check out what I received from Element Eden in the post.

Love Polli

02 March 2012


I'm really enjoying this new lookbook by Visland. I really love the vintage clothing and the attachable collar on the bottom right hand side! It gives the top an entire new look! It's fab that the nerd look is going a long way this season I noticed

On another note, it's the weekend here and I am getting ready to sit back and relax especially after such a stressful month.

To de-stress :
- I might book 2x movie passes for me and my hubby
- Go for a walk on the beach
- Visit Souqe Waqif with some mates
- Go out for coffee
- Take a long bubble bath !
- Sleep in

Love Polli xx