07 March 2012

Arminho Journals

Arminho on Etsy is a cute online store from Portugal.They love making  paper goods and another crafts work. "They are a sweet couple who lives in a peaceful city near the atlantic ocean". Their blog is filled with handmade journals & cute mustache accessories for the house. 

Perhaps in the near future I will attempt to make my own little pretty journal. I don't think you can ever hand too many journals (especially pretty ones), even if it's just to scribble in.

Wish me luck, I am flying to Dubai at 1am in the morning - eek! I will need to catch up on some needed sleep for sure!

Love Polli xx


  1. I love journals too. Spent so much money buying them during uni just to realize that I never had any heart to scribble on them! haha x

  2. Good luck! Enjoy Dubai and thank you for this lovely post!

  3. I appreciate everything made from paper, especially this cute little journal. How much I can get this by the way? And oh, enjoy your trip. Have fun.

  4. im so glad i see a post talking about portugal <3


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