31 July 2013

Aztec Outfit

Aztec pattern cardigan from Factorie | Collard rose button up shirt from Forever21
Orange nail polish from Bourjois 

It's been bliss snuggling up in my new aztec print cardigan. Winter here in NZ has just been brutal and I have been struggling to shake the constant sickness for the past few months now. I am just not myself during winter. I get cabin fever, I seem to always get sick and it's hard to stay active, so roll on Spring already!

25 July 2013

Healthy Juicing Tips


I got a bit tired of smoothies, plus bannanas started making me feel sick at times so I opted for something that taste a bit more summery and fresh and I found juicing! I'm only a beginner at this but apparently you can get anti-aging juice recipesimmune booster recipes and lots more from here.

Grab my recipe if you like, it's really fresh, and helped me fight my cold:
1 pear
5 prunes
2 oranges
2 kiwi's

Enjoy and let me know what your thoughts are.

22 July 2013

Edmonds Red Velvet Cupcakes

I tried my hand at making the new Edmonds Red Velvet Cupcakes cake mix today wich proved to be oh so easy! For those who don't know, most "kiwi" households have an Edmonds cookbook handy somewhere.

Anyway, being a big fan of Red Velvet cupcakes I couldn't deny that real cream cheese frosting just taste worlds apart from the powdered stuff. My verdict is to buy your own cream cheese, that way you get enough to cover your basis and enjoy the real taste of what a true Red Velvet Cupcake should taste like. 

*Packaging sponsored by Wholeport. (Eiffle tower cupcake toppers & Love and Romance cardboard cupcake box)

19 July 2013

Everyday Happiness

Currently I am...

-  Enjoying eating fresh oranges during winter
-  Painting my nails with my new Bourjois nail polish 
- Trying to wear more colour during winter
-  Knitting a beanie for Mike
-  Cuddling the cat
-  Listening to Lana Del Ray
- Watching Arrested Development
-  Enjoying driving my new little strawberry 
   (my new car Mike sneakily bought me this week, more to come on this later this week)

18 July 2013

Element Eden Summer 2013 Collection

I always love following Element Eden's name range. They have some lovely knits and polkadot bits and bobs in for their summer collection which I would love to get my hands on. 

This winter has been horrible and the only thing that keeps me going is the fact that summer is on it's way in due time. I can already imagine picking fresh strawberries, going for bike rides along the sea and getting my pasty white skin some colour. Bring on summer already!

16 July 2013

The Weekend In Wellington

We had such a lovely time away in Wellington! I can't say the same for the crazy weather however staying at The InterContinental in Wellington made all the difference. It was great seeing friends, celebrating life and splashing out on The White House I also got to meet a lovely reader call Amelia at The InterContinental which was such a great surprise

Once in a blue moon it's great to enjoy a bit of fine dining, and luxury! Due to not really having an anniversary last year we made a pack to enjoy this little getaway. And it was worth every penny! 

13 July 2013

Hello Travel

A quick hello! We are on little trip away celebrating a 30th this weekend in Wellington this weekend. So check out our Instagram for updates during the weekend. I have been waiting for this weekend away for quite some time so I am very happy to finally be here right now. 

Happy weekend everyone ! Lots of love!

10 July 2013

Flowers and Road-trips

We have had the most amazing sunny days during this winter and it got me in the mood to bake some warm cheese scones for breakfast! Gosh they where delicious I must admit. Find the recipe here.

My Birthday wasn't the best Birthday ever however the lovely yellow flowers and the trip away to Wellington this weekend is definitely making up for it! Looks like I will be seeing more of you again soon Wellington.

08 July 2013

Polli's Online Shop

Thank you for all my Birthday wishes! Mike took me out for a lovely curry down the road to celebrate! It also looks like you guys have also been enjoying our lovely giveaway we are running at the moment, I am seeing some great entries, keep it up!

On another note, since it's winter in New Zealand, our online shop will be closing during these cooler temperatures and will reopen again in summer time!! If you want to get any last minute singlets get in quick by clicking here!

01 July 2013

Beauty Pack Giveaway Sponsored by Oh Natural

Since it's my Birthday tomorrow I wanted to spoil my readers to a lovely beauty pack giveaway. I will be turning a healthy 26. Which meen I am only 4 year's away from 30 EGH! I don't have any special plans, just work and then possibly heading out for some dinner. a Rafflecopter giveaway