31 March 2010

Peaches and Plums

Yes Easter is upon us, we are planning to go away to the beach with a couple of ours friends! I am really looking forward to it, should be a fun one! :) What are your plans?
I founds these cuties on Etsy click here to see more!

28 March 2010

Cherry blossoms & sun loving

I have enjoyed the beach with my family today, soaking up the sun, good company and good food, in spite of my flat tire on the way! I even made some home made fudge!

I'll have to go for an extra long jog tomorrow I think. I am off to The Mount to my Graphic Design job :) yah so exciting! I soo love being a designer! I also picked up a design job from a stranger the other day designing her wedding invitations, yeah!!

Have a super blessed week!


27 March 2010

Long afternoon naps

It's a Saturday afternoon and I am over tired, I have attempted to put my head down for a nap but my head just keep on buzzing! Have you ever experienced something like that? I'm watching my hubby falling silently to sleep while I'm typing up a storm!

And also as you can see I have changed the LOOK on Polli... hope you like it :)

PS: sorry i have lost the link for the photographer - I'd love to credit you

25 March 2010

Vintage Photo Love

Thanks to Here Comes the Sun for introducing such beauty - I really love this photo's they tell stories! Check Abby try again for more of these!
It's my dad's birthday this weekend - so I am planning a family lunch after church on sunday, where I will hand over a little gold fish in a bowl to him :) He loves fishing so I thought it might be a quirky little gift they can look after :)


24 March 2010

Good as Gold

I was told about this website called Good As Gold in Wellington, NZ... so I thought I would have a look what New Zealander fashion is up to - I was totally WOWED! Yah I am proud to be a kiwi girl now!

21 March 2010

Nick Fedaeff

This weekend I spend some time having an ice cream, soaking up the last of summer by visiting some local art gallerias and discovered some amazing artists! Tomorow morning I am leaving to Mount Maungenui for 2 days to work at a Graphic Design company so I won't be able to update! I already have some amazing posts planned so keep your eyes pealed beautiful friends! Check his website out!

17 March 2010

My Undercut..

Here is my dirty undercut! I actually went and did it! Wondering what I am wearing? Well I recently went to (Here Comes The Sun) husbands b-day party - (cowboy and indian ) dress up party! If you want to check out the entire party go check out Deers & Bears.

13 March 2010

dr kennedy jones Illustrations

Thanks to Tabitha's amazing blog - I found this amazing artist! Wow- I find Tabitha's blog soooo inspiring as a graphic designer! It's so hard to find some really cool Illustrationsist out there! I love Tabitha's blog!!

12 March 2010

Why I love Polariod

Yeah - it's friday! I have a Cowboy & Indian party to attend which I am most looking forward to! I am looking forward to catching up with friends & spending some quality time with my hubby since I am away 2 days a week from him now with my new graphic design job. I am needing some cool graphic design links please :)

LOVE THE PHOTOGRAPHY? Check out Why I love Polaroid...

10 March 2010

Pink & Pretty Things

The reason for my absense recently is because I started a Graphic Design job in another town, I am a bit sick and just trying to settle in!Other than that I found the most amazing photography for a little baby shower - ! I feel like having a baby just to have a little party like this!

Today I am getting an undercut - i promise to post a photo, I also have an Indian & Cowboy party to attend on saturday - and in the meantime I should recover from the flue hopefully in time to play netbal on Thursday! LOL!
Have a super day!

05 March 2010


Yes the weekend is upon us! So we will be heading away on Sat for the day to watch my husbands Dad compete in the IRONMAN IN Taupo. And I have invited a good friend for a bit of baking at my house tonight! Should be fun I reckon!

I have come to realisation that I need to make more time for my friends, and plan certain things with them, otherwise you kinda just drift apart don't you! Also it's my Hubie's 30Th this year - and I'm thinking fun - ! Have you got any interesting ideas?? I am a bit stuck at the moment ! If you know of some really cool DIY websites for parties and interesting things let me know :)

Enjoy these beautiful photography by I love Wildfox!