05 March 2010


Yes the weekend is upon us! So we will be heading away on Sat for the day to watch my husbands Dad compete in the IRONMAN IN Taupo. And I have invited a good friend for a bit of baking at my house tonight! Should be fun I reckon!

I have come to realisation that I need to make more time for my friends, and plan certain things with them, otherwise you kinda just drift apart don't you! Also it's my Hubie's 30Th this year - and I'm thinking fun - ! Have you got any interesting ideas?? I am a bit stuck at the moment ! If you know of some really cool DIY websites for parties and interesting things let me know :)

Enjoy these beautiful photography by I love Wildfox!


  1. Loving these photos!
    Especially the one of the girl on the chair, the last one made me smile :)
    Pearl xo

  2. wildfox are so freakin amazing it's ridiculous!



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