27 March 2010

Long afternoon naps

It's a Saturday afternoon and I am over tired, I have attempted to put my head down for a nap but my head just keep on buzzing! Have you ever experienced something like that? I'm watching my hubby falling silently to sleep while I'm typing up a storm!

And also as you can see I have changed the LOOK on Polli... hope you like it :)

PS: sorry i have lost the link for the photographer - I'd love to credit you


  1. mmm im liking the wood theme!
    oh i often feel like that. right now i do!
    im so tired after work i just want to go to sleep but my mind is jumping here and there and i can seem to relax for to long.
    Pearl xo

  2. I like the new theme! It's a nice fresh change :)

  3. I like the new look! Right now I'm still cuddled up in bed reading blogs, is there anything better? :)

    x Petite Annabel

  4. These photos are so sweet! Now I'm thinking of naps!



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