01 March 2010

Jill Bliss

Hope everybody had a fantastic weekend! I'm soo excited to share this post with you! These darling Illustrations are stunning! I love all the fine detail and childlike faith put into these! Visit Jill Bliss to see her shop!

I also had a brainwave! I am contemplating getting an undercut, one on the side of my head, if you find any cool images, please pass it on. :)


  1. Whoa!!! amazing artists!!!! Don't get an undercut! they are awkward when they are growing out!

  2. these are amazing, i especially love the deer one :) are they done with texta?
    i was looking at an artist today in art who only uses textas. its amazing what can be done with such a basic medium!
    Pearl xo

  3. Beautiful illustrations!
    thanks for sharing. i love the colours and detail


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