28 March 2010

Cherry blossoms & sun loving

I have enjoyed the beach with my family today, soaking up the sun, good company and good food, in spite of my flat tire on the way! I even made some home made fudge!

I'll have to go for an extra long jog tomorrow I think. I am off to The Mount to my Graphic Design job :) yah so exciting! I soo love being a designer! I also picked up a design job from a stranger the other day designing her wedding invitations, yeah!!

Have a super blessed week!



  1. aww, sounds lovely! Plus, I'm jealous of your job! I've been trying to get a Graphic Design job myself, but haven't had any luck. Any tips? :)

  2. Pretty!!! I love your pictures. The candyfloss one is superb.


  3. hey muchlove, i know the feeling it took me a year to find one, and i am only doing 2 days a week there and its an hour and a half to drive so i am desprate to just get experience. Any tips are just to be consitent just dont ever give up. if its your dream then research and just keep looking! seek and you shall find! :) good luck!


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