31 August 2012

The Land Of The Long White Cloud

On a long week of work, deadlines and lack of sleep. I flick through my photos of New Zealand and remember those immensely amazing days. The greenery, the people....the lifestyle.

We have been in Doha, Qatar for exactly a year now. Life in Qatar feels like you live in a constant bubble than the rest of the world, and I find myself daydreaming of those crisp mornings with a hot cup of tea in my hand on those homesick days. And today has definitely been one of those days.

Thank you for baring with me on this moaning day.

Love Polli xx

30 August 2012

Spike It Up

We have moved in our new home here in Doha, and have Internet at home, Praise God! I can enjoy my blogging time again.

I thought it was time to get stuck back into Polyvore again, especially seeing what is out on the streets of Europe.

I fell in love with those black spiked slippers and bought me a pare of cream coloured slippers at Zara which I have faithfully been wearing the last couple of weeks. If your budget stretches as far as let's say $1,295 for some authentic Christian Louboutin spikes then be my guest. Unlike me I spend around 20 Euro's for a similar pair which I love 2 bits.

Love Polli xx

26 August 2012

Scotch & Soda

Let me introduce Scotch & Soda to you. They are an Amsterdam based fashion brand and I discovered this shop in Italy on our European adventure.

Not only are their clothes rather ravishing the shop display was exquisite. You could see that allot of effort was put into the display in itself. They kept in mind the Italian culture and vibe of the city when they created the shop.

On a more personal level, I am moving house tomorrow! It has great features and are defiantly one of the more safer apartments in Doha after all our fires in our building.

I also picked up two street kittens along the rubbish dumps and took them home, which has caused a bit of a stir in the house since Frankie isn't having a bar of the new invasion taking place. As sad as it is I will have to find a house for them as soon as possible :(

Love Polli xx

23 August 2012


I discovered the brand Kling* over in Florence and pretty much bought every single piece in the shop. It was bit like love at first sight lol..

If you have been following my Instagram or Facebook page you would have noticed a few outfit posts I have done of a couple of items I adore from Kling*.

Love Polli xx

14 August 2012

Little Italy

Phew, it's nice to be back on here! Thank you to Ilana for looking after my blog while I was over in Europe. It didn't even feel like a proper month to be honest. The holiday felt more like a week and a half long break.

I'm struggling getting rid of my travel bug. Sitting in front of the computer doing my day to day job has become less amusing. And the days do feel longer now...

I thought I would start in Italy since Rome was our landing pad.

 Love Polli xx