29 April 2011

Giveaway: Japonicas $50 Giftvoucher


Leave a comment below of your favorite trinket from the Japonicas collection 
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We are offering 10% off any purchase if you quote "Love Polli" 
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Giveaway is open Internationally // Closes on the 8th of May 2011

Love Polli

28 April 2011

Ra Ra Superstar Lookbook

Since I got such a huge response from the lookbook of Ruche below I thought it's just fair to introduce yet another amazing Lookbook called Ra Ra Superstar! You can find all vintage fashion including
one -off designs.

PS: Tomorrow I will be hosting an awesome giveaway - can you guess what it might be?

Love Polli xx

27 April 2011

Ruche Lookbook Spring 2011

" A garden dream"

At the moment I am swooning over the Lookbook by Ruche for their yummy spring 2011 collection. Photography & art direction by Stephanie Williams and set styling by Jessica Haack &a  Sovy Designs.

Love Polli xx

26 April 2011

Guest Post: Tornadoes and Tigers

Photos by Silent Sequoias 

Hi readers, my name is Dane and I write a blog called Tornadoes and Tigers.
Soné has been a friend of mine for many years now, I even studied graphic design with her a little while back!

I have to admit that one of the things I'm most envious about is how Soné quite often packs up and journeys off on adventures with her husband. I love seeing all the photos and hearing all the stories when she gets back. She's such a bizzy body and a free spirit, that is what has inspired me for these photos today : )

Anyway I hope you enjoy these pictures and are having an amazing week!

Thanks for having me Soné


Love Polli xx

25 April 2011

Our Roadtrip up Northland, New Zealand

finding our next destination

our campsite the first night

me enjoying the sun

the view from our tent

mike & I snorkeling

Here are some holiday snaps I have been wanting to share with all of you. Me & Mike decided to take a road trip up Northland during the school holidays for 3 days.

We stayed at DOC camp sites by the beach whist discovering some snorkeling along the rocks which was mind blowing! It was my first time snorkeling, at first it was very daunting but as the day progressed I managed to have build some confidence. I did however had my first panic attack!

My next investment will be an Underwater Polaroid camera, they are only $19.99!!

Love Polli xx

23 April 2011

La Boom Handmade Paper Goods

La Boom, is my latest & coolest etsy find yet ! Tatiana Kontouli (La boom arts+crafts) is a cycladic-based graphic designer & artist who specializes in everything paper made. I just spotted her work on etsy and it was pure bliss - you can check out her nifty blog here laboomeria.blogspot.com.

PS: I loved all the creative names you have posted below! We will decide on a name very soon, I love all the names that was given. It's going to be a tough choice.


Love Polli xx

21 April 2011

The nameless cat



Welcoming a new random cat into the family.... once again lol ! Gosh it's like I am becoming the crazy cat lady. Cats just seem to make our home theirs. I guess it's probably because I feed any cat who strolls along of course.

Why don't you help me name him? All names are welcome ....

Love Polli xx

20 April 2011

Goat Island

Last weekend we enjoyed a bit of Goat Island. People go there to snorkel as the marine life is out of this world. The fish was so tame we could even touch them. I am off on another adventure but I have scheduled a few post for you.

Love Polli xx

19 April 2011

A few things I have my eye on..

These posts are all done by Sweet as Candy, a fabulous new blog I discovered. I just grabbed a few favorites which I have had my eye on.  I am on my way to the to top of New Zealand with my hubby - we will be camping up there for a few days if the weather stays good.

Love Polli xx

18 April 2011

The Redwoods Treehouse & Matakana Farmers Market

Last weekend we visited my sister-in-law. She took us to Goat Island, The Redwoods Treehouse & Matakana Farmers Market in Auckland, New Zealand. The highlight was seeing the The Redwoods Treehouse from a distance as it was on private property - (it would be perfect to spend a romantic afternoon in).

What an amazing little market it was, we found all sorts of arts & craft - loads of fresh gourmet food & sweet pastries. I highly recommend it! We spotted out Goat Island, as we will take our diving gear next time. Gosh New Zealand is an amazing place for adventure!!

Love Polli xx

16 April 2011

A splash of Igor Termenón

Introducing Igor Termenón, a 26 year old Spanish photographer. Currently living in Liverpool and studying Msc Product Design & Management. Check out his blog called The Rain Will Remain.  You might have spotted some of his work in Mint Magazine, Soko Zine...

It's a wet & cold day here in Hamilton, New Zealand and I am officially on Holiday. I might just go to the Museum today for some inspiration.

Love Polli xx

13 April 2011

Giveaway: 2 x Prints by Bec Winnel {CLOSED}



Be one of two lucky readers to win a stunning print by Bec Winnel worth up to $40.

Visit Bec's beautiful online shop here & 
 a) Leave your email address below stating which print you would like & why..

Giveaway is open Internationally // Entries close on the 24th of April 2011 at 10pm New Zealand time. Good luck. xx

Love Polli xx

12 April 2011

Papercuts Shop

The brains behind the papercut shop on etsy:

"My name is Joe Bagley and I am a paper artist. I live in Boston with my wife, and I create my pieces in my home-studio in my apartment.

All of my designs here are original works, and each is cut by hand. No lasers, dies, or prints!"

Wow, that's talent for you!!

Love Polli xx

11 April 2011

Polli Photoshoot colaboration with Mischeyl Joanne (Set 2)

Here are the rest of the photoshoot as promised since the sneak peek. I collaborated with Mischeyl Joanne on this project and it was tons of fun ! We where both the photographers & models. I'd love your thoughts on it...

Love Polli xx

09 April 2011

A feather delight

I keep drawing feathers at the moment and these facinated me! I found them via misspaq.blogspot.com. This lovely website is filled with photography, fashion & illustrations. I am on my way to have a picnic on an island with my sister-in-law & her boyfriend. Your in luck as I have my camera with me :)

Love Polli xx

08 April 2011

Polli Photoshoot colaboration with Mischeyl Joanne

Model: Polli 
Photographed by Mischeyl Joanne

Photographed by Polli 

Photographed by Polli

Just a sneak peek of my collaboration with Mischeyl Joanne. We headed into the woods on Sunday and spend hours photographing. Over the next week I will be sharing more photo's so been on the look out, also this weeks giveaway has been postponed to next week. I really am looking forward to seeing all the responses. 

I am taking a road trip up to the big City this weekend to celebrate my sister-in-law's Birthday with her! Happy Weekend everyone.

Love Polli xx