26 April 2011

Guest Post: Tornadoes and Tigers

Photos by Silent Sequoias 

Hi readers, my name is Dane and I write a blog called Tornadoes and Tigers.
Soné has been a friend of mine for many years now, I even studied graphic design with her a little while back!

I have to admit that one of the things I'm most envious about is how Soné quite often packs up and journeys off on adventures with her husband. I love seeing all the photos and hearing all the stories when she gets back. She's such a bizzy body and a free spirit, that is what has inspired me for these photos today : )

Anyway I hope you enjoy these pictures and are having an amazing week!

Thanks for having me Soné


Love Polli xx


  1. Very lovely photographs...I shall hop on over and check out the blog as well! =)

  2. your dress is so perfect, I like the bows and the hair :D nice photo session.


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