18 April 2011

The Redwoods Treehouse & Matakana Farmers Market

Last weekend we visited my sister-in-law. She took us to Goat Island, The Redwoods Treehouse & Matakana Farmers Market in Auckland, New Zealand. The highlight was seeing the The Redwoods Treehouse from a distance as it was on private property - (it would be perfect to spend a romantic afternoon in).

What an amazing little market it was, we found all sorts of arts & craft - loads of fresh gourmet food & sweet pastries. I highly recommend it! We spotted out Goat Island, as we will take our diving gear next time. Gosh New Zealand is an amazing place for adventure!!

Love Polli xx


  1. girl, you know i love this! your farmers market is so beautful! <3

  2. What a lovely post :) Its good to read that you enjoyed that day.
    I want to visit new zealand.... someday..

    take care

  3. Hi, I'm from Belgrade, Serbia, saw bit of your blog and love all I see :)
    I'm interested in crafts, design and photography too. I have blogs on Word press and LiveJournal. all the best!

  4. Such a lovely post! And all the pictures are just magical! Greetings from Bulgaria!


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