27 June 2012

Macaron Clouds

Finding this recipe by Carnets Parisiens was like finding a chocolate bar hidden in my draws or even better finding money in your back pocket.

Well it doesn't get better this this. Finding cloud shaped macaroons honestly made my day I am not going to lie. It's really amazing how creative people are getting with macaroons. They are creating it in all different shapes and sizes now. I actually even saw a kitten shaped macaroons here.

Want to know how to create the cloud shape? Find out here.

Print Roses templates.
Make the macaroon’s recipe by Mercotte.
Fill the macarons with ganache ivory black sesame by Mercotte.

Love Polli xx

26 June 2012

Birthday Wishlist 2012


My Birthday is on the 2nd of July, and I will be turning 25 ! Eek, and I am finding myself living in the Middle East. To be honest I wasn't sure what envisioned for 25 but I would have never in my wildest dreams thought I would be living in Qatar.

Here is a list of a few goodies I have been keeping an eye on:

* OPI - I am in love with the pastel colors and the stunning glitters one's they have recently released

 * Cartier Perfume - French perfume have always done it for me, no arguing about it!

* Macaroon Tower - To those who don't know me, it's my favorite sweet treat, I could probably live
                                 from macaroons alone!
* Instax Film - Something I will need loads of since we are traveling to Europe soon

* Shoes - What girl doesn't need more shoes

* Wallet - I probably have the most disgusting looking wallet! Sorry I won't be sharing a picture I am  
                way too embarrassed

* Pretty Clothes - Some new summer clothes to beat the heat in Doha

 Love Polli xx

23 June 2012

Orea Marshmallow Cookies

To all the sweet tooth's out there this recipe is for you! Hmm Oreo Marshmallow Cookie's are next on my list of things to do because it's easy, fun and yummy. Get the low down on here.

My weekend have been made up by Skyping with my friends in Melbourne,  speaking to my parents in New Zealand and catching up with new friends for lunch today.  We enjoyed the 8:30 am Church service on Friday here in Doha which is always a highlight of my week.

Still have no clue on what to do for my Birthday which is around the corner (2 July)?

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 Love Polli xx

22 June 2012

A Week On Instagram

For those of you who have been reading my tweets (@polliblog) during the week would have realized how stressful the last couple of weeks have been. I have hardly seen my husband and have had a horrible throat infection for the last 3 weeks. It's that time of the month where we have to meet deadlines at the magazine so life seems to be up in the air at the moment.

But never mind the stress, it's the little things that get's me through a horrible day or just a stressful time. And this week it's been:

A) Enjoying a fun day in the sun with friends, watching movies and sipping on tea.

B) Coming home to a box full of treats Mike got from all the kids at school.
     ( I love being married to a school teacher)

C) Spending time with Mike & Frankie.

D) Receiving letters in the post!

Love Polli xx

20 June 2012

It's In The Hat

Element Eden recently send me a box of clothes and it's been a pleasure picking out a new outfit for work every morning.

Today I am wearing a floral top from Element Eden along with black tights and wedges heels which I found are super comfortable along with my favorite hat from H&M.

My Birthday is also coming up on the 2nd of July and I have been brainstorming ideas of what to do, being in a foreign country and all? Any ideas?

Love Polli xx

17 June 2012

Young Hearts Magazine

While flicking through the endless amount of Internet pages sourcing photo's and inspiration for the magazine I work for I did stumbled upon Young Hearts Magazine.

You can read it online for free and it's filled with delicate feminine photography. This blogger started her very own online magazine and when she isn't busy working full time by day she is editing and blogging by night.

Love Polli xx

11 June 2012

Natural Brown

Dress c/o Element Eden Handbag c/o Element Eden  Necklace from That Vintage  Shoes from Aldo

Last week I received some lovely clothes from Element Eden and it included this lovely dress & handbag! So stoked to have some new clothes to take with me to Europe. We leave on the 8th of July and come back on the 9th of August. I can hardly wait anymore.

I do still need to organize some accommodation and get my backpack ready. For those of you who don't know yet, me, my husband and Anna will be backpacking Italy, France & Spain over the summer for about a month. It will be our first big trip so we are really looking forward to it!  

Love Polli xx

05 June 2012

Macarons, Desert, Design & Clothes ♥

My last couple of weeks have been filled with:

 Macarons from Jones the Grocer
 Receiving a box full of clothes from Element Eden 
   (highlight of my year, can't wait to blog about it)
 Drawing endless amounts of illustrations for a project at work
 Visiting Katara Cultura Village art exhibitions in Doha

We are also moving offices at my work at the moment, and our offices are filled with boxes! Wish us luck with the big move tomorrow!

To get the latest updates of my adventures in Qatar, Doha as an expat feel free to look me up on Instagram under Polliblog.

Love Polli xx

04 June 2012

French Pink Mood Board

So many things I am inspired by at the moment it's hard to keep it all in a box and contained. Especially knowing that our trip to France is coming up it's hard to imagine what the Paris will look like. All I know is that visiting Europe for the first time has probably been one of my biggest dreams yet ! And knowing that we will be leaving on the 10th of July makes me sort of nervous not knowing what to expects and all.

1.  2.  3.  4.  5.

I am also looking into finding out about Fashion Week in Paris and Milan and finding dates for it. Does anybody have any information on it as I am a newbie at it? It really would be amazing to attend at least a show while we are backpacking through Europe.

If you do have info please send me an email on sonevz@gmail.com.

Love Polli xx