04 June 2012

French Pink Mood Board

So many things I am inspired by at the moment it's hard to keep it all in a box and contained. Especially knowing that our trip to France is coming up it's hard to imagine what the Paris will look like. All I know is that visiting Europe for the first time has probably been one of my biggest dreams yet ! And knowing that we will be leaving on the 10th of July makes me sort of nervous not knowing what to expects and all.

1.  2.  3.  4.  5.

I am also looking into finding out about Fashion Week in Paris and Milan and finding dates for it. Does anybody have any information on it as I am a newbie at it? It really would be amazing to attend at least a show while we are backpacking through Europe.

If you do have info please send me an email on sonevz@gmail.com.

Love Polli xx

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