07 September 2011

Oh Vintage Treehouse


Oh sweetness!You MUST check out this adorable Etsy store called The Vintage Treehouse. Most of the items they stock reminds me of my ouma's (nanna's) house. It's the sweetest store you can click on!

On another note, I have been job hunting a bit and also started a collaboration with a magazine here in Doha, Qatar.  My hubby might also be part of a photoshoot which I will share a bit more later on as things progress a bit more. I will fill you all in further along the tracks...

PS: I am also loving the big response we are getting from our giveaway "That Vintage" is sponsoring!

Love Polli xx


  1. I like the clockwise they are selling in their Etsy store. It is one of a kind vintage owl clock and it is pretty cheap. I think I can afford to get one.

  2. Love the owl lamp! Great blog too, glad I've found you :)


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