15 August 2010

Iveta Abolina Illustrations

To my dearest fellow blogger, I have to apologize for my lack of posting, as I had some technical difficulties with my server provider called "Slingshot". They are the worse providers alive!!!

I learned how to Ski this weekend with Ilana from See Me Everywhere! It was a blast. It's always fun doing something fun with good friends! Although I am super stiff I am over the moon and might go for a nanna nap now lol! Yah for awesome friends... x0x


  1. oh dear..hope you'll be able t odo some posts soon :)
    have fun with skiing!

  2. i love these designs ! :)

    glad you had a fun kiwi time at the snow ;)

  3. Fabulous and great inspiration!!

    Love your blog :-)




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