05 July 2010

My Graphic Design

My Mum asked me to design an invitation for the Mid-Winter Christmas party at her work. This year theme she went for was Martha Stewart's Pom Pom ideas!

Mum is making these pom poms herself, and got the how-to-guide from Martha Stewart's website here. My mum has always inspired me and has the ability to turn anything into a WOW!

Question: "What do you admire most of your mum?"


  1. nice! Thanks for sharing this! I always like to see what other designers are doing!

  2. I love Martha ~ dear sweet Martha....have you looked at her range in Spotlight Sone? Yeowza I could be there all day!

    I admire my Mummy's yummy hugs ~ it makes me feel like a little girl every time :)

  3. My mom always seems to cook the nicest food no matter how much I try to improve!!


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