25 January 2011

My time turned into gold

All  of  a  sudden  my  time  turned  into  gold!

Starting a new job does take allot our of you, perhaps more than I remember it to be. I miss wasting time on Facebook, picking up some sort of craft/design project, watching a movie over and over again just because I can, sewing a couple of dresses, baking cupcakes and generally allot of my social life. 

I miss my holidays! However this job is the best thing that ever happened to me, I guess I can't stop but to daydream about those hot summer care free days in the sun,

Love Polli xx


  1. I know what you talking about XD, I have a new job, the firts honestly its different and fun, but sometimes i feel stresss T_T anyway i have yo wait for holidays :D

    take care

  2. I am just about to start a new job! better make the most of these things! xx

  3. I feel that way too, I only get Sunday off now, so every moment when I actually get to come home and read the lovely blogs (and do some blogging of my own) seems very precious

  4. i love your blog!
    i feel the saaaaaaaaaame way!!
    whole different life change. i miss being lazy and relaxing enjoying life. first time in awhile since ive been blogging. hope you have a great week!


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