07 January 2013

New Zealand Blogger Friends

Visiting My New Zealand Blogger Friends

Our group of friends in New Zealand seem to all be very creative and influential people. We have a bunch of graphic designers, business minded, Illustrators, bloggers, photographers, entrepreneurs and creative friends. And over summer time we all got together again for the first time in a very long time. We spend a week together, just relaxing, chatting and catching up on what's happening in each-others lives since we are all scattered across New Zealand and Australia now.

Here are some websites to check out of my awesome friends who I caught up with over the summer time in New Zealand:

* Ilana from See Me Everywhere
* Amanda from Here Comes The Sun
* Emma from The Humble Sparrow
* Dane from Tornadoes & Tigers
Michele (Photographer)

To see what's happening check out our Instagram on @polliblog


  1. Yay for New Zealand! <3 It's so exciting to see so many of my favourites in one post (Amanda, Ilana, and Dane!)

    Lost in the Haze: a Fashion Photography Blog

  2. Awwh this was the BEST!
    Miss you already :( xx

  3. aww, your blog makes me miss NZ so much. what a beautiful country, filled with beautiful people! :)


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