23 January 2013

Outfit Post | Mixing Black & Brown

White top: Valleygirl NZ |  Velvet pants: Vintage  |  Shoes: New Look  |  Belt: Vintage 
  Handbag: Kling | Rose Gold Rings: CK |  Necklace: Forever21  |  iPhone Case: Glassons

A big trend at the moment is mixing your brown and black gears together. In the past it use to be a big no no, however things have changed and I notice more and more bloggers and fashionistas approaching this new look. 

Gold seems to be a new feature to 2013 as well. I get my golden goodies from Forever21, an amazing website filled with affordable fashion gear from the US. They have some new apparel coming in as we speak and you can usually find me on their website scouting for a sale of some sort!  


  1. Is it cheesy to say that I love your "true love" shirt?

    1. Hahah, no not at all. I love my "true love" shirt as well. x

  2. Thanks Leelee :) no it's not cheesy at all haha

    Zeitverschwender: yes they actually are because they are wedges. They are always more comfortable than heels.xx


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