02 January 2014


Goodbye 2013: The things I loved & learned about 2013

♥ Moved back to New Zealand from Qatar
♥ Found out that we are having a baby boy
♥ Got a pug puppy called Lola
♥ Attended my first craft fair
♥ Travelled to Wellington
♥ Visited Ilana in Melbourne
♥ Enjoyed Michelle & Ashley's visit
♥ Made cake pops for the first time
♥ Started knitting
♥ Started running with the Nike app
♥ Turned 26
♥ Loved watching The Hunger Games & The Great Gatsby
♥ Chai latte dates with friends
♥ Picking strawberries
♥ Rocking a bikini while pregnant
♥ Taking Lola for walks
♥ Spending time with my mum and dad
♥ I got to speak to my grandfather who has cancer on Christmas day
♥ Making my own juice
♥ Celebrating 5 years of marriage
♥ Love having breakfast with friends
♥ Making new friends

Hello 2014: The things I want to do in 2014

♥ Buy a house
♥ Be a good mummy
♥ Be a good wife
♥ Learn to cook properly
♥ Stay healthy 
♥ Loose the baby weight
♥ Adjust to life with a baby
♥ Keep knitting
♥ Have date nights
♥ Stay creative
♥ Freelance
♥ Reconnect with my sister
♥ Have lots of braai's (bbq's)
♥ Read in my hammock
♥ Make pretty things for my house
♥ Grow a vegetable garden
♥ Make sure I get enough sleep somehow with a newborn
♥ Catch up with friends
♥ Keep up with my sewing
♥ Watch movies I love
♥ Go to a concert
♥ Pursue craft fairs
♥ Connect with a creative group
♥ Be selfless
♥ Love others the way they are
♥ Accepting change
♥ Be more tidy 
♥ Don't collect clutter

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