30 January 2014

The Nursery

owl cushion - element eden
moses basket - farmers 

We have setup most of the things in our house for the time and being. One thing we haven't done yet is putting up pictures on the walls, it feels scary poking holes into the walls. Don't ask me why but I just feel like it's almost to good to be true to be poking holes into our own house haha!

I would really like to design a wall decal for the baby room eventually (something I might have to look into sooner than later actually). I also wouldn't mind getting a cute rabbit night light and a cool rug to go into the babies room eventually. The perfect combination for a bit of mood setting.

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  1. so sweet! The basket on a rocking stand is great! Henry is still sleeping in his, makes it easy to keep him close to me at night, and its very handy being able to rock it, to help settle him. Hope you are enjoying nesting :)


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