26 August 2009


I made sure the invite would go with the theme! So we are sticking with dots, pastels, pearls, vintage and candles! :) 

So here is my idea of a smart pretty and sweet hens night!
We keep all the naughty games secret :) hehe.. I will make sure I will be taking a few shots of how it actually turns out but here are some inspiration for any other party celebration! 

I need more inspiration so if anybody can drop me a AWESOME website to visit I will :)


  1. Looks good babe :) You're such a talented designer.

  2. So beautiful, I'm bookmarking just for the flowers in a jar - gorgeous!

    Hope you have fun, try and keep it PG-13 :)

  3. Lovely! :D
    Some inspirational sites for weddings:



    Though personally I find your blog inspiring in itself :D
    Have a good one!

  4. Love this party theme! If the photos you have just shown are any indication of what is to come...then look out, it is going to be spectacular!


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