25 July 2011

La Durée Paris

Atlast another french inspired blog called At Home At Home. Laure a photographer & decorator writes about interiors and living on apartment therapy. Laure occasionally writes about modern things and reports on her food adventures in the kitchen. To check out Laure's lovely photography website click here.

This is the perfect find today as we are stuck in Hawks Bay at the moment as the roads are closed to go back to Hamilton due to heavy snow! Can you believe it! All I can think of is all the packing and organising I have to do before we move to Qatar. Atleast it's an excuse to have another cup of tea wrap up in a warm blanket and munch on a macaron!

On another note, I have many photos to share with all of you regarding our getaway to my in-laws. And of course an epic giveaway planned for this week.

Love Polli xx


  1. beautiful!! I love these french blogs, however they just make me yearn for Europe and pastries!

  2. Lovely photos - just makes me feel like eating ;)

  3. Yuuuum! We should seriously make these again soooooooon!



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