07 July 2011

Birthday Presents

Wearing: Asos dress,  Jacket: Glassons, Sunglasses: Ray-ban

Birdy journal, letter printed tea towel, lace hooks, bow, fridge magnets - Rox
Ring - Karen Walker   /   Pyramid Necklace  - Diva
Beanie - Equip   /   Pink Card - Mark Curtis
Long vintage necklace with bird - Akie design   /   Nail Polish - Yellow Opi

It's the 7th of July today and I am still getting presents! It totally makes up for me being super sick on my Birthday. I feel so spoiled with great friends and such yummy new things to enjoy. Thanks to all my readers and great friends for all the lovely messages :)

Love Polli xx


  1. this looks like such a fun little collection of goodies. it reminds me of when i was younger i would get all of my christmas presents together and take a picture. there was such a sense of satisfaction and anticipation! also, when people asked "what did you get for christmas?" i could show them (i had a polaroid camera, i'm not like 14. i got the polaroid as a gift, lol)

    i thought that was a diamond ring for a second!
    and of course i LOVE that letter tea towel (thank you for calling it a tea towel instead of a dish rag...) because i'm obsessed with snail mail!!

  2. my birthday is coming up... can't wait to get presents as well!

  3. I wish you your past happy birthday and i hope you had a great birthday and you enjoyed it and you got many gifts as well and my birthday is also left before 4 days on 25th December thanks and i also really enjoyed my birthday.

  4. I wish you a very worm happy birthday and i am sorry i can't wish you at your actual birth day and i hope you like all gifts but i think ring is much better then all and i hope it is much special.

    1. You are looking very pretty in and i hope you had a great day and your gifts are very good and i hope you enjoyed your birthday very much and i am late to wish you but now i wish you your next birthday now in advance happy birthday.


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