02 July 2011

Theurel & Thomas Macaron Heaven

First of all - it's my Birthday today and I am turning a healthy 1 year older which will make me 24 today, hooray! I will be taking loads of photos to share with all of you.

Secondly I have found the greatest post from Theurel & Thomos to share with all of you today. Theurel & Thomas is the first patisserie in Mexico specialized in French macarons, the most popular dessert of the French pastries. I honestly want to fly to Mexico just to get my hands on a beautiful box of macarons.

Love Polli xx


  1. Happy b day :D have great time withe your family and lover I wish you the best.

    I am angry T_T why mexico and not here in El Salvador ajjajaa, I want to have a store like that.

    :D take care

  2. happy birthday hun!!! hope ur day is MAGICAL!!!! xx :kim

  3. Happy birthday and the macaroons looks absolutely beautiful! :)

  4. Happy Birthday! Wow that store looks amazing.

  5. Happy Birthday, that store is too cool. thankyou for sharing and making me feel like I need a macaron RIGHT NOW!

  6. Happy birthday! (now belated I suppose?) and wow wow wow, the colours here are amazing!



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