11 October 2010

Pipi's Vintage

A few weekends away my parents in law took me and my hubby to this beautiful cafe/restaurant called Pipi ! The outside of the restaurant is shocking pink, and inside you can find vintage chandeliers, candles, french music and a lovely vibe.  If your ever in Hawks Bay, Havelock North area in New Zealand do stop by for an amazing romantic and intimate experience!

 Love Polli xx


  1. NO WAY SON SON!!! I have been there too!! Fricken amazing aye! We had the best pizza. Went there at the end of my seven weeks teaching at Hastings girls high. Ah the whole environment and culture was so wonderful. I highly recommend it to everybody, sweetest little place to go.

  2. oh i so would love to go there! Maybe when we are in Gisborne next xox


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